The object of the foundation “Sjørettsfondet” ( “the Maritime Law Foundation”) is, pursuant to the byelaws, ”to advance research in Norway in maritime law, transport law and associated legal disciplines.” This can be done by grants, by publishing or supporting the publishing of scientific works or by other means that could advance the object.


Scientific publishing – MarIus and SIMPLY

Sjørettsfondet publishes the periodical MarIus. The periodical is issued at irregular intervals, and covers maritime law and associated fields of law, including transport law, petroleum law, energy and natural resources law as well as general commercial law. The languages are Norwegian, other Scandinavian languages as well as English. MarIus functions as a publication channel for theses written by research assistants at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, but is also intended as a publication channel for ordinary papers. MarIus is in this relation open for publication of works by authors from all over the world.


SIMPLY (Scandinavian Institute Maritime & Petroleum Law Yearbook) is the annual of the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, and is issued as a special edition of MarIus. The language of the annual is English. SIMPLY primarily aims at publishing article s written by persons linked to the Institute, but also publishes articles based on presentations at maritime law seminars, etc.


The editor of MarIus and SIMPLY, responsible for quality assurance pursuant to methods common for scientific publications, is Professor, dr. juris Trond Solvang. An Editorial Board that includes representatives of law firms, ministries of justice and Scandinavian universities supports him in this task:



Alla Pozdnakova, dr.juris

Ivar Alvik, dr.juris


Anne-Karin Nesdam, dr.juris

Camilla Bråfelt, dr.juris

Andreas Meidell, dr.juris

Odd-Harald Wasenden, dr. juris

Kristian Lindhartsen, Attorney


Lars Overby Rosenberg, Attorney
Jes Anker Mikkelsen, Attorney
Vibe Ulfbeck, Professor
Stinna Siig, dr. juris


Katrin Nyman Metcalf, Professor



Peter Wetterstein, Professor

Henrik Ringbom, PhD


Jonas Rosengren, Attorney

Svante Johansson, Supreme Court Justice

Lasse Gorton, Professor

Nick Gaskell, Professor


Lia Athanassiou, Professor

Kyriaki Noussia, PhD

Martha Roggenkamp, Professor
Marian Hoeks, PhD

Anna Arkhipova, PhD 



D. Rhidian Thomas, professor

Filippo Lorenzon, professor


All submitted papers are as a rule read in an anonymized version by two members of the Editorial Board.


Language editor for English: Caroline Gliksman


Scientific publishing - books

Sjørettsfondet publishes scientific works (after 2005) under the label Sjørettsfondet akademisk. The editor of book issues, responsible for quality assurance pursuant to methods common for scientific publications, is Professor, dr juris Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen .  A list of published books is found at



Sundry publishing

Sjørettsfondet also publishes compendiums, etc. to be used in the teaching at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, see




Orders can be made at


Subscriptions to MarIus can be limited to, e.g., maritime law, petroleum/energy law, SIMPLY and/or editions in English; see on options and procedure. For back issues, see The issues are to a large extent available in full text at the Internet via the commercial service Hein Online. (Direct access from the University of Oslo or as a logged-in subscriber here.)



Open access and publishing policy

Sjørettsfondet does not give royalty, and publishes the materials on paper as well as on line (in particular at Hein Online). The publisher allows parallel publishing on paper as well as on line.



About  Sjørettfondet


Professor, dr juris Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen


General Management: UNIFOR

VAT number of Sjørettsfondet: 970226540