Nr. 565

Norwegian rules of 2020 on registration of bare boat charter parties

Thor Falkanger

Marine insurance cover for detainment of vessels by a foreign state – the Team Tango case

Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen

The Limitation Regimes for Maritime Claims

Erling Selvig

Selected topics of causation between nautical fault and initial unseaworthiness under the Hague-Visby Rules a comparative analysis

Trond Solvang

New technologies and the robustness of the maritime convention system

Kristina Siig

The role of navigation assessment and prediction in solving equivocal crossings in or at the entrance of narrow channels in light of The Alexandra I decision

Ayoub Tailoussane

Nr. 535

Cargo damage – road or vessel liability rules?

Thor Falkanger

Jurisdiction to impose national wage and working conditions on board foreign-flagged ships

Hanna Vik Furuseth

Ship recycling regulation under international and EU law

Alla Pozdnakova

Cruise ships in Greenlandic waters

Birgit Feldtmann
Kim Østergaard
Hanna Barbara Rasmussen

Faulty Material & Error in Design

Julie Karin Værnø

Choice of law versus scope of application – the Rome I Regulation and the Hague-Visby Rules contrasted

Trond Solvang

Nr. 519

Maritime Product Liability at the Dawn of Unmanned Ships – the Finnish Perspective

Felix Collin

The seller’s right of stoppage when bills of lading are issued

Thor Falkanger

Natural damage insurance: the Norwegian model and current efforts to improve it

Hans Jacob Bull

The impact of the third energy market package on national resource management

Henrik Bjørnebye

Going the Nordic way - an alternative to English hegemony

Lauri Railas

Loss of hire insurance when the damaged vessel is substituted – What does loss of hire insurance cover?

Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen

Marine insurance for intervention by State power – The Nordic perspective

Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen

From the role of classification societies, to theories of norms and autonomous ships - some cross-disciplinary reflections

Trond Solvang

Nr. 515

International Arbitration in Norway

Knut Kaasen

Oil and gas – the use and benefit of arbitration in the cornerstone industry

Thomas K. Svensen

International arbitration in Norway – offshore and onshore construction, including renewable energy

Mikal Brøndmo

Post M&A disputes in a Norwegian context

Kaare Andreas Shetelig

Nordic arbitration – the initiative and rules

Christian Hauge

Choice of Forum in the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan

Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen

Nordic Arbitration in future – possibilities and Challenges

Harald S. Kobbe

Enforcement – The New York Convention vs the Lugano/Brussels Conventions

Karin Fløistad

Ordre Public and arbitration in Norway

Giuditta Cordero-Moss

Norway as an attractive place to arbitrate

Niels Schiersing

How we can make arbitration in Norway even better

Ola Ø. Nisja

Nr. 502

Ship registration and choice of law in relation to contracts of employment

Thor Falkanger

Arctic Shipping from an EU Perspective

Henrik Ringbom

UNCLOS as a system of regulation and connected methodology - some reflections

Kristina Siig
Birgit Feldtmann

The sub-carrier concept in the Norwegian Maritime Code. Chapter 13

Thor Falkanger

The Prosumer in European Energy Law

Henri van Soest

State liability for regulatory changes - the special case of regulated tariffs in infrastructure sectors

Henrik Bjørnebye
Ivar Alvik

Some reflections on the Northern sea route

W. E. Butler

Nr. 482

Bills of lading and sea way bills issued under charter parties: who is bound?

Thor Falkanger

Some reflections concerning the scope of the Maritime Code section 172a

Trond Solvang

Enforcement of the Sulphur in Fuel Require­ments : Same, Same but Different

Henrik Mikael Ringbom

EEA – a “distinct legal order of its own”?

Finn Arnesen

Abolishing Cabotage : Regulatory Framework in Coastal and Cruise Shipping. The Case of Greece

Jonela Kuro

The Nordic Trustee: A Right to Sue and be Sued in its Own Name

Benedicte Haavik Urrang

Suing oil and mining companies for environmental damage – procedural barriers and opportunities in a comparative context

Vibe Ulfbeck

Private classification societies acting on behalf of the regulatory authorities within the shipping industry

Kristina Maria Siig